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Not Available. Led by Judy Herzl This year, July has two full moons, the second one being a blue moon, that rare occurrence that only happens every two to three years. It's as if we are being given a second chance to dwell in the richness of ripening; and to realign what we are tending into harvest.

As we pass the longest day of the year, and move towards the fruition of the seeds we planted at the beginning of this year's cycle, it is time to slow down and to reflect. In the midst of the social fullness of summer there is great nourishment in coming to a still point, and renewing our connection with our inner north star. This fall we will be heading into a striking season of eclipses right in the midst of harvest time. Astrologer, Azlan White says that with an Eclipse in the Harvest Seasonwe want to be "paying attention," to what we are harvesting and its proper timing.

Not too early, not too late. She encourages us to "let go of what is not working, and focus on the brilliant new arriving. We will also attune to the collective estuarythe place where our individual threads come together into an inclusive group field that holds and supports us.

Based on the principles of sufficiency and feminine leadership we'll work and play! Together we'll create a space to move beyond our personal edges, as well as our thinking minds and to listen to our deepest callings as we refine our earlier declarations from the beginning of the year as well as claim the emergent new ones.

It is not uncommon to experience self-doubt and obstacles as we are about to birth. We will draw from our inherent knowing to each claim our sovereignty and express it in self-authorizing ways of being. In the practice of receiving we will draw support from the group itself, coming into the traction of each of our personal "lift-off's.

Directions upon registration. Space is limited. Astrology gave me a window into myself.

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I mean, how can you feel guilty about Pluto or Saturn being somewhere in the sky on the day of your birth? Life is hard, for everyone. Astrology is not going to make your problems go away. But it can help you understand why you have them in the first place. My natal chart readings are intensely therapeutic because they are honest and real. Just like me.

Get in touch for more info. Venus ingressed into Scorpio today. Love your sexuality no matter how you identify.

Azlan White

Accept yourself if you are asexual with no desires. Accept the dark parts of your sexual desires even if they make you uncomfortable.

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What would happen if you just did it? Think it through to the end. Embrace the dark part of sexual side. This is absolutely one the goals of Venus in Scorpio. Venus will be slowly moving through Scorpio as Mercury goes back and forth during its retrograde. I hope today you honor this transit by looking inside yourself and your sexuality. Living in the United States we gain a more puritanical view of sex.

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Your sexuality is something you should explore in this incarnation. Accepting your darkest thoughts about sexuality just prove you are human and nothing else. La petite mort is the little death.

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Death and sexuality are partners in Scorpio. I'm looking forward to staying tf inside!!! Aspects form a vital component of the interpretation of natal charts.

Azlan White

The principle of the "wild horse" is often mentioned by most authors in this regard, because the unaspected planet is left to its own devices and can unleash its full power without any limitation. These planets are often accompanied by feelings of insecurity. An unaspected Moon, for instance, can have a deep longing for security and a profound need for warmth, but also run the risk of not seeing the warmth that is there because of a gnawing feeling that overrides it. The planet's principle tends to be hard to control and thus lacks integration with the rest of the chart.

As a generalization, it acts by itself. The principle is also tends to be either switched on or off with no half measures allowed, and there are often swings between the "on" and "off" expression. Strength is almost impossible to predict as a consequence of the above characteristics. All Rights Reserved. Link in Bio 4 21 Normal.